Red House

The red house community centre opened in January. This area is a very different kind of area to some of our other community centres as it is situated near to a graveyard. It has a stigma which is beyond that of some of the other slum areas.

All of our other community centres have started with us renting a property and renovating the site, but this one is different in that we have constructed a large covered area and a small wooden centre on site. This has meant that we can be right at the heart of the community in need and accommodate many children, without the restrictions of buildings which already exist.

Many children live in this area and unlike some of the other areas in which we work, there is no easy access to school. Our children’s programme, which was the first programme that we started here has been very much welcomed by the villagers, which has in turn led to the success of a large women’s group starting almost immediately afterward.