About the orange centre:

The orange centre is based in an area that suffers from huge unemployment.  Many of the children are out of school. The water here is badly contaminated.  The centre installed a huge water filter that cleans the water by reverse osmosis and now supplies 3 community centres and the surrounding people, with clean drinking water.

Small groups and Sunday meetings bring the community together and women’s programmes empower the local women to change their communities and the lives of their families. In these groups they learn skills which enable them to start small businesses which then enables them to save money and cope with emergencies when they arise. A safe playground allows the children to play safely and to protect them from human trafficking.


Creative education – A children’s programme runs on Fridays, with informal education, singing songs, playing fun games and receiving a nutritious meal.
Safe Playground – a safe playground allows children to play together without fear of being trafficked or injured.
Feeding Programme – everyone who comes to the community centre receives a meal.
Clean Water Programme – with the installation of a huge reverse osmosis filter providing 3000 litres of clean drinking water per day, serving three community centres and the surrounding people.
Women’s Groups -women’s groups empower local women to improve their own lives and the lives of their community.  With a safe place to learn about hygiene, receive anti-violence training, learn how to start a small business, start savings and loans programmes to improve the family income and future prospects and to have a voice in their community.
Sewing Programme – the sewing programme teaches women how to make clothing. During the course they also enrol and complete a discipleship course.  Once their training has finished, they are free to join the women’s groups and many go on to start their own small home-based business.
Small Group – This is a place where community is built. People get to discuss deep issues, eat together and support one another.
Sunday Meeting – All people are welcome to come to the Sunday meetings, to meet, eat and learn together.