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On April 25 the Kathmandu Valley was struck by an earthquake measuring 7,9 on the Richter scale. In some areas 80 percent of all buildings are collapsed and the death rate is increasing every hour. we are witnessing the worst humanitarian catastrophe in recent time, with millions of victims.

The last 7 years Mercy Outreach has launched a series of relief projects aimed towards the utmost poorest people of Nepal. It is just exactly those persons that are now in the most dire need subsequent to the earthquake. Our community center in Kathmandu is filled to the brim with literally crying children who has sought refuge, and we are informed that the matters are even worse off in the countryside, where we also maintain schools and relief projects.

We aim to act swiftly in order to reach out to the countless victims, whom has neither food to eat nor a roof over their heads. Parallel to this we are applying for a disaster relief pool on up to £25.000 at the Danish Foreign Affairs, which hopefully will enable us to extend our help even further.

We receive Your help with profound gratitude!

Mercy Outreach keeps members updated on the catastrophe and our efforts via our facebook group.

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