In the West, it is hard to comprehend that the municipal water supply would not be safe to drink. In Yangon, the water supply is known to contain faecal coliforms and in some cases arsenic. This is the regular water supply to apartments and homes.

There’s no water supply to bamboo houses. For these people, water comes from wells, constructed in areas of highly populated areas. The water is usually much worse in quality, it is not safe to drink, cook with or wash with. Water testing and regulation of water supplies is poor in these areas. Drinking water has to be bought in large containers and those who are extremely poor will forgo purchasing water and will resort to other methods. A common approach is to collect rain water, often into unsanitary containers.

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Can you imagine a life without clean water?[/blockquote]

In May 2017 we started the water project.
Our orange centre has a water treatment filter. It was installed to save lives. In this area we have 3 community centres, all supplied by the orange centres water supply. Over 100 families can come to collect clean drinking water.

This project is one of the larger initiatives. The water undergoes a process of reverse osmosis to make it safe. This was a huge project, with extreme machinery. To see the build, take a look at this video:

To see the project in action, see the video below.