Coronavirus Response

In Myanmar we are predicting a massive shift in society as markets and banks are starting to close. In one of the areas we are working, 50,000 people have just been laid off from their factory jobs, left without any salary or support. 

These people are from vulnerable families and have little to no savings. They will shortly be in a crisis as food and health prices are beginning to rise. Masks are sold out in Yangon. The reality on the ground is that hospitals are not testing and there is a general denial that anyone has the virus.

Our Response

At Mercy Outreach, we are coming up with a plan to help combat the crisis at hand. We have already purchased enough medicine to help 8,000 people. Next, we will produce and distribute free masks to our surrounding communities using the existing sewing training facilities. All in all, we will make 36,000 masks and distribute them to the communities surrounding our 8 Centers.

Our women’s groups will also mass produce soap and hand sanitizers. We will produce a total of 16,000 bottles. In addition to that, we will distribute food through our community centers as we are predicting a massive shortage of food for the families we are working with. We have already bought 7.5 tons of rice, beans and lentils, enough for 40,000 meals. We are also producing and giving out posters with key information about how to prevent and deal with the spread of the virus.

Here are the Numbers:

– Medicine for 8,000 people
36,000 Masks
– 7.5 tons of food for
40,000 meals
16,000 bottles of liquid soap and hand sanitizers

We Need Your Help!

So many people here in Myanmar live day to day. Without savings and their daily income, families will start to face problems that extend way beyond the health issues the virus is causing.

We have already started to see this with many people losing their income due to industries closing. This means families will be forced to engage in child labour and we will see more and more trafficking in the vulnerable communities around our centres. 

We can make a significant difference in many people’s lives, but we need your support. Please join us by clicking the link below. Thank you so much for your help!