Community Centres

Mercy Outreach’s model is to open community centres in areas of acute need.  In the slums of Myanmar, every area is one of need, however, we look for places that also have potential.  To raise the income of one family through a programme, would be wonderful, but if that family has problems, that schooling is still seen as a luxury, education as unnecessary and women’s rights as a low priority, then the community is still out of balance and transformation cannot take place.

We believe that the community centres have to serve the whole demographic from babies through to the grave, that is why we do not discriminate against gender, faith or social standing.

Our programmes are always evolving to meet the needs of each community in which the community centre is planted. To read more about our projects, see the home page.

Coming Soon! See our community centres in action here:

Pale Blue House
Orange House
Purple House
Green House
Red House
Pink House
Yellow House
Dark Blue House