Søren tells exciting stories in one of the children’s clubs.

The children’s clubs in Yangon have been started by Søren Samuelsen in cooperation with local people and stay in the slums and give great pleasure to the children, all of which come from a very poor background.

There are a total of about 200 children in the kids clubs every week. In the children’s clubs there is a doctor, a singer, playing games and telling stories and when we are past approx. Once a week, the children get a glass of milk, a piece of bread or a piece of candy.

There are often very hot in the kids clubs as there are no tabs or air conditioning. But it does not dampen anyone’s fighting spirit. It has been found that a first aid kit and education in hygiene and wound care are a major need. Often, many infected footsteps are patched when we visit the children’s clubs – and in the future it is planned to train and resource in first aid!

Children's clubs Yangon

In Myanmar it is very common to use an alternative sunscreen. Therefore, many people face big spots in the face.

In the children’s club, children have the opportunity to play and do social activities and thus get a break from their harsh everyday life.

Luke tells stories for the children.

Children’s clubs on tour

An important part of being a child is having fun. There is nothing better than being cooled in the pool and the fountain, driving in carousel and in radio cars.


The children’s clubs in ZOO

For most of the kids, it was the first time they were in the gym and in the ZOO. The children’s clubs allowed even poor children to get this experience.