Mercy Outreach brings hope to trafficked women, street children and other vulnerable groups through our partners in Nepal, China and Myanmar.

Søren and Lisa

Søren and Lisa were ordained ministers in Jerusalem in 2000 and have 3 children. Their passion as missionaries for the last 15 years, has been to impact the most desperate and poor communities in the world with Gods love. They have impacted communities in Israel, Nepal and China. In 2013 they felt God calling them to start a church in South West Asia and so began their new adventure. They continue their call to social justice through education projects with the poorest and most vulnerable children. Rescuing young women from trafficking and sexual exploitation and giving hope to handicapped people through weekly support clubs. Lisa is the Founder and Director of Eden Ministry, An organisation that rescues women from trafficking and sexual exploitation. Soren is the Advisor to our Nepali partner, and the coordinator for the projects and international funding together with MOD Chairman Kasper Thorskov.


We have initiated several projects in Nepal in collaboration with our local partner organization. Our couple in leadership are Shubhas and Kamela, they live in Kathmandu where our community center is also situated. From there we support a boys home for former street children, a school, staff residents, a church, along with many other facilities.One of the projects that has been close to our heart through the years is the boys home containing at the moment 7 boys. It is our greatpleasure to witness the boys as they get away from the street gangs and, as the oldest ones now, are undertaking an education. Through family care and a spiritual fellowship they are set free from addiction of glue sniffing, which the street boys are commonly using.We are also active in an area in West Nepal, that still has slaves and freed slaves, who live under miserable conditions. There we have a church and a school for underprivileged children. We have several small churches in the rural areas, from which we base our efforts.Since 2012 we have worked on a Danish Foreign Affairs pilot project, and in June 2014 we received £80.000 to a major project that enables us to prevent children from being sold off as factory laboring slaves.


In China we are fighting it out for the thousands of women that are being sold to prostitution. In the past ten years where Lisa and Soren lived in China, they have build up the Eden Ministry. Eden has helped over 600 women out of human trafficking and trained them in creating jewelry that is being sold nonprofit in order to help even more women. You can purchase the jewelry and view the selections at Copenhagen Vineyard and Nexø Free Church among other places, but also directly from Eden Ministry’s web site Lisa and Soren also worked with peoples minorities, created schools and after-school recreation systems, translated The Bible and created a shelter for handicapped homeless people.

Myanmar is our new target area. A land that has been closed for the last 60 years due to military oppression. Soren and Lisa are now living there and implementing the Mercy Outreach projects. The Eden shelter and the workshop for Eden are established and there are women rescued from trafficking living there. MOD has set up a successful children’s club reaching out to more than 100 of the poorest and most vulnerable children weekly. MOD has started a partnership with a local NGO called NEW Hope. Soren is advising them and helping them to build capacity, our hope is to get Danida funding in order to reach those most in need.